Besard Hugo

Artwork by Hugo Besard
Artwork by Hugo Besard

In a virtuoso way Hugo Besard is gouging out magical worlds which take in every spectator and give him a taste of the eternal mystical power that lurks in every creation.

His etchings are paying tribute to the poetry of unspoilt nature.

To nature as it is given birth by the stars.

To the cycle of life and death.

His works are as fairy tales in which you can get lost.Fairy tales that whisper you awake by the howling of a wolf or the splashing of rivers.Tales full of a frail nature and wild world in which christalline egs full of unspoilt nature have high hopes of the hips of your warm soul to make prosper again and again the cycle of life and death.

There where nature has been silenced under meters of concrete indifference it is given a new mouthpiece by Hugo Besard.

Jeroen Perceval – Actor, writer, poet, musician.

  • 1996, 2000 Solo exhibition, Epreuve d’Artiste Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
Epreuve d'artiste
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