Bo Halbirk Torben

Artwork by Torben Bo Halbirk
Artwork by Torben Bo Halbirk

Originally conceived several years ago. TORBEN BO HALBIRK’s studio, located at 80 rue du Chemin Vert, in the 11th “arrondissement” of Paris, finally opened in November 1992.

It had been meant to be a working-place as well as a meeting-place for the Danish artists willing to get closer contacts with Europe. Such a workshop was therefore to be heavily equipped, with tools that could be very expensive, but necessary to enable engravers to use means of expression formerly inaccessible to them.

From a place for Danish artists, TORBEN BO HALBIRK’s studio has more generally become a place where artists of every origin can work, or meet and experiment. By and large, fruitful contacts have been established with Danish, German, Spanish, Italian or Swiss studios, and these exchanges should increase in the future. in the very friendly atmosphere which has been the hallmark of the enterprise ever since its beginnings.

Epreuve d'artiste
2021-08-27 17:06:06
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