Brunovsky Albin

Artwork by Albin Brunovsky
Artwork by Albin Brunovsky

Albín Brunovský studied at the Academy of Creative Arts in Bratislava (Professor V. Hloznik) from 1955 to 1961 and from 1963 to 1966. In the years 1967 to 1990 he headed the special studio of book graphic art at the same school. He devoted himself to the free graphics, painting and book illustration, but also worked on banknotes and postage stamps and other forms of applied graphics. A. Brunovský illustrated over 100 book titles. He held over 100 individual exhibitions and took part in many international exhibitions. He won many prizes at home and abroad.


Ex-Aequo Prize at the Biennial of Graphic Art, Lugano

Prize at the Biennial of Graphic Art, Krakow

Otrano d’Argento Prize, Fillotrano

Herder Award, Wien

Gold Medal at the Biennial of Ex-libris, Malbork

Prize at the Intergrafik, Berlin

First Prize at the International Ex-libris Competition, Pescara


Die Brücke – Düsseldorf, Fritz-Henssler-Haus – Dortmund, Oberhausen Ladengalerie – Berlin, Galerie Théatre – Geneve , Epreuve d’Artiste Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium (1997, 2016), Musée de la Ville – Paris, Baukunstgalerie – Köln a. Rhein, Museum Folkwang – Essen,The National Museum of Modern Art – Tokyo, Comune di Perugia – Perugia East West Shop – New York, Cleveland Museum – Cleveland.

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