Dykmans Anne

Artwork by Anne Dykmans
Artwork by Anne Dykmans

Anne Dykmans was born in Verviers, Belgium in 1952. She studied engraving at the Higher National School of Architecture and Visual Arts in Cambers, Brussels from 1972 to 1977 under professor Gustave Marchoul.

Dykmans employs her superb command of engraving techniques, especially mezzotint, to create a special light, which brings out the beauty in the simplest of everyday subjects- a chair, a ribbon, the beach. In addition to the beauty of form and light, she is also able to evoke emotion as in the sensuous human dialogue we feel through the imagery of two softly swaying beach chairs on a warm summer evening.

Critic Roger Pierre Turine has written, “the subject is of little importance. All that counts is Dykman’s work is that halo of light that surrounds it; that moment of solitude, never foreign to us as long as we are able to discover those same images within ourselves. She approaches her commonplace realities gently, yet there is always a brilliance in her work, ever accentuated by the subtle play between the possible nuances from black to white.”

Dykmans has been the recipient of several awards and honors, including The Blue Ribbon at Extravaganza 91 in Sarasota, Florida in 1991 and a Mention of Honor at the European Biennale in Bruges Belgium in 1998.


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