Felix Karol

Born 1961 / Košice, Slovakia

Artwork by Karol Felix
Artwork by Karol Felix



Beginning of collaboration with printer Martin Štepánek


Member, Fine Arts Union of Slovakia

Member, G-point, Association of Printmakers

Member, Association N’89, Slovakia

Member, Association of Czech Graphic Artists Hollar, Prague, Czech Republic

Honorable Member, Society of Scottish Artists, Scotland

Honorable Citizen of the City of Naperville, Illinois, US

Awards (selected)     

Grand Prix, Biennial Havířov, Czech Republic

2nd Award for Printmaking, 10th Annual International Exhibition of Miniature Art, Toronto, Canada

Since 1988 more than 60 solo exhibitions in Slovakia and in Belgium, France, Poland, Canada, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, USA, Czech Republic, Germany, Finland, Scotland, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, etc. He has participated in 120 group exhibitions in 27 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and USA.

Epreuve d'artiste
2021-08-27 17:06:06
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