Furneaux Paul

Born 1962 / Ellon, Scotland

Artwork by Paul Furneaux
Artwork by Paul Furneaux


Awards, Projects (selected)

National Open Art Competition: Turtleton Trust Award, Scotland

International Conference of Mokuhanga, Kyoto and Awaji Island, Japan

His work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions worldwide, including  Japan, USA, Hungary, Thailand, Finland, Scotland, Norway, Mexico, Sweden, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Korea, India, Slovenia, Australia etc. His artworks are in many public collections in UK, USA, Japan, Malaysia, Romania, Sweden etc. and in various private collections around the world. He teaches Japanese watercolour woodblock printing „mokuhanga“. He lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Contact: furneauxpaul@gmail.com, www.paulfurneaux.com

Epreuve d'artiste
2021-08-27 17:06:06
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