Gargulak Jaromir

Artwork by Jaromir Gargulak
Artwork by Jaromir Gargulak

Studied metal casting technology at the Brno Technical University and drawing at the Public School of Arts. He became familiar with methods of artistic casting and with principles of the unique work of Henry Moore. To bring his imagination into reality he uses the method of casting on the tapering wax model making at all times only one original casting.

The author could rank with a range of both known and unknown individuals who purposefully struggled in the whole cultural history of the mankind that their inborn feeling and intelligence yield fruits which would enrich our lives, our environment and our privacy thanks to their talents and immeasurably hard work. As a sculptor, he achieves the mutual unity with the artistic opinion –full of fantasy which prevents fossilization- to find a brilliant shape in the material. The resulting work – artefact, mainly ornamental sculptures, addresses us both with its contents and with its perfect form, noble material and craftsmanship.

The author’s repeating motifs are birds, musicians and figures with wings. Even human figures are being deformed to the the appearance of fledgelings. Birds are perceived by the author as the symbols of freedom and liberty. And since he admires music, musicians often appear in his works, too.

Jaromír Gargulák has become an individual artist of the middle generation, an author who does not bother to make his way through by scandal events or using a method of so called artistic shocks but rather by using the strength of thinking and aesthetic refinement, which are properties intrinsic to the graphic arts.

His works are shown in Czech and foreign galleries and in a number of private collections for example in Canada, Belgium, Japan, Switzerland or Norway.

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