Goezu Andre

Born 1939 / Antwerp, Belgium

Artwork by Andre Goezu
Artwork by Andre Goezu

Honorary Member of the Royal Academy of Sciences, Letters and Fine Arts of Belgium, Antwerp, Belgium



Guest Lecturer, Royal Academy of Sciences, Letters and Fine Art of Belgium, Antwerp, Belgium

Guest Lecturer, École des Beaux Arts, Paris, France

Awards (selected)

He was awarded several distinctions among which the Prize “Art of Engravings” of the Province of Antwerp, Belgium and the “Triennial Prize for Painting” from the Province of Antwerp, Belgium.

His works of art are permanently displayed in several museums and institutions: i.e. the Royal Belgian Library, the Print Museums of Brussels, Belgium; the Foundation Enzo Pagani Milano, Italy; the Museum ad Dimona, Israel; the Rockefeller Art Center, New York, USA; Musée de Montréal, Canada.

He realized over a hundred of exhibitions in Europe, America, Japan and China. His canvasses, etchings and monotypes are full of symbols: female profiles, flying birds, cavorting horses, barking dogs, trees and twigs in transparent autumnal light. His universe of poetical sensuality reveals an earthy interrogation and intuitive penetration into the realms of reality and illusion, as well as the past and the future. He makes paintings, prints, illustrations, bibliophile editions and monotypes. He lives in Paris, France.

Contact: a.goezu@club-internet.fr, https://andregoezu.com/

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