Kallay Dusan

Artwork by Dusan Kallay
Artwork by Dusan Kallay

In 1996-1972 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, Department of free graphic art and book illustration, prof. Vincent Hloznik, last semester prof. Albin Brunosky and the Department of figural composition and landscape painting, prog. J. Zelibsky. Since 1990 he has worked at the Academy of Fine Arts – starting from 1992 as professor and Head of Department of free graphic art and book illustration. He has illutrated over 90 books. His work gained the most important national and international awards. A total of 46 prizes and 14 diplomas, including Grand Prix at the Biennial of Illustrations in Bratislava (1983), Hans Christina Andersen Award awarded by the IBBY at UNESCO (1988), the most beautiful stamp in the world (WIPA exhibition 2002) and other. Several times he won the competition of the most beautiful book of the year in Czechoslovakia and Slovakia. He devotes to free graphics, book illustration, painting, exlibris, stamp graphic, partly animated film, and he also created several posters. In 2004 his monography was published by Ivan Jancak, Fedor Kriska: Dusan Kallay, Magical World. He organized more than 150 exhibitions at home and abroad.

Dusan Kallay belongs to popular and sought-after illustrator of foreign publishing houses, such as Ravensburger Verlag, Grimmpress Verlag, Albatros, Shinchosha Company, Fukuinkan Shoten. His book illustrations are classified among the most advanced demonstrations of the postwar development of Slovak and World book culture.

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