Liekens Lydia

Born 1955 / Mechelen, Belgium

Artwork by Lydia Liekens
Artwork by Lydia Liekens


Book Illustration, Antwerp, Belgium


Since 1995                  Teacher of Fine Arts in “Dé Kunsthumaniora”, Antwerp, Belgium

Additional experience

Film credits and text for the BRT’ Program “Mezza Musica” from Director Lode Verstraete. Background paintings for the Ray Goossens’s comic strips:“Musti’s Kerstfeest” and “Trompo”. Big Watercolours made in order to decorate the Italian restaurant “Al Parma” in Mechelen. Book Illustrations for the book “Uit ‘t Kanalje geboren 1885-1914, 75 jaar socialisme in Kontich” from R. de Vries. CD-cover for “The RICO Zoroh Band & Nicole”. Work selected for a page in the 1995 Calendar of the Socialist Progressive Women

She has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Belgium, China, Slovakia. Her work is in numerous private collections in Belgium and abroad. She makes drawings, paintings, collages, printmaking and three-dimensional work in papier-mâché.

She lives in Mechelen, Belgium.



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2021-08-27 17:06:06
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