Sustov Roman

Artwork by Roman Sustov
Artwork by Roman Sustov

He is born in 1977, Minsk, Belarus.

In 1995 – graduated from Minsk Art College.

In 2001 – graduated from the Belarusan Academy of Arts (Department of drawing)

Since 2005- Member of Belarusian Union of Artist (department of Graphic art)

Sustov Roman has been working in book graphics for a long time. He cooperates with many Russian and Belarusan publishing houses. He has more than twenty books published with his illustrations. He is a regular winner of the exhibition An Artist and A Book and has been taking part in the contest Art of Book (Belarus, since 1999).

Ex libris takes a special place in the artists creative work. He participates in many ex libris exhibitions and contests. He has done more than 80 bookplates for many famous collectors from all over the world so far.


Epreuve d'artiste
2021-08-27 17:06:06
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