Werner Josef

Born 1945 / Kraslice, Czech Republic

Artwork by Josef Werner
Artwork by Josef Werner



Since 1985               Print shop in Prien, Germany

Since 1988               devoted to sculptural works

Since 1978               artworks in public and private collections

He has received 30 national and international awards for his graphic art. Since 1973 more than 140 solo and numerous group exhibitions, i.e. Australia, USA, Japan, Lebanon, China, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia. His artistic practice explores printmaking, oil and watercolor painting and sculpture. Since 1975 he has been working as a freelance artist.

He lives in Prien, Germany.

Contact: jw@josefwerner.de

Epreuve d'artiste
2021-08-27 17:06:06
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