We created this space from the necessity to better represent graphic arts, and from the beginning our purpose was to promote it through high quality exhibitions.

The graphic art gallery Epreuve d’Artiste opened its doors on the 6 of June 1991, with a very successful exhibition of Jiri Brazda, from the Czech Republic.

With new technologies, the contemporary art scene is spinning around the idea of “price”, but this price should be taken both literally and figurative…

midden en voorkant
midden en voorkant

We would rather appreciate the idea of “value”. The art not proisduction, but creation. When he creates a plate, the graphic artist creates “value”; he builds his unique universe and is driven in his way by patience, knowledge and inspiration. The result of his hard work is then spread and enters in collections around the world.

The mission of Epreuve d’Artiste gallery is to promote those unique worlds and to show them to the passionate collectors and art amateurs in Belgium and around the world. In 25 years of existence, our gallery gathered a warm public who is waiting for every opening with enthusiasm and impatience. It was a long way that we intend to continue for the next 25 years! And even more…

Chris en Lucienne
Chris and Lucienne in the gallery
Chris in her workshop

Joseph Inghelbrecht
2021-09-09 17:05:19
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