Born 1966 / Varna, Bulgaria

I work in the field of “invisual” art  in sociopolitical and  cultural  context focused on the Bulgarian  frame work. I express the unacceptable condition of totalitaristic  monopoly on the Bulgarian art scene. I make my graphics from my old period animated and intervened  with objects, drawings, fire, contemporary writing, corresponding with the exhibited space. I do also performances and actions which show with sense of humour and a bit of sarcasm the present situation of an artist in Bulgaria who is independent  and not in the cage of art system or monopoly. My installations  are result of my research of artistic freedom and hope to change the situation through artist interactions and collaborations. (artist’s statement)
He works in the field of installation, performance, contemporary texts and graphics. He graduated from the Graphics Department of the National Academy of Art in Sofia (1994). He has won over 40 international awards for graphic and contemporary arts. He has presented his solo projects, actions and installations on international  forums for graphics and contemporary art in galleries, museums and cultural institutions in Germany, Denmark, China, Italy, Belgium (Epreuve d’Artiste Gallery, Antwerp, 1999), Bulgaria etc, as the most important of them are at Kulturhaus, Hannover  (DE), Museum of Modern Art, Bodenburg (DE),  Art Museum, Frederikshavn (DK), museum “Castle” Malbork (PL), National Museum, Beijing (CN), National Museum of Natural History, Sofia  (BG), Museum of History in Sofia (BG) . He is represented by the Bulart gallery (BG/BE). He lives and works in Sofia.

Forthcoming is his participation in DIPLOMATIC ART 2015 at the Bastionul Theresia, Timi;oara, Romania with documentation of his project ”Rented airspaces ” (informal action during 56th Biennale, Venice, 2015). Official opening on November 25th, 2015.

1992 Second prize Gallery “Au Virage” Switzerland
1993 Honor medal Ostrow Wielkopolski Poland
1994 Award for best Ex.L- mini print Yugoslavia
1994 Vaasa Finland- Sponsors’ Prize
1995 Art Dialog –Paris- Triennial Sofia Bulgaria
1995 First Prize &medal Ostrow Wielkopolski Poland
1995 Third Prize & Medal Glivice Poland
1995 Prize – Foundation Open Society- Biennial Varna
1996 Collectors Prize & Medal Malbork Poland
1997 Best engraving Orense Spain
1997 Town Prize for lithography –Sent Niklaas Belgium
1997 Best engraving Kuprum 7-poland
1998 Honor medal Malbork Poland
1998 Prize- Orense Spain
1998 Prize- Lithuanian Airlines ; Competition For mini print.
1999 Bulart Bulgaria Prize for Best artist of the Year
2000 Honor prize – Orense Spain
2000 Prize – Museum Castle – Malbork, Poland
2000 Best P.F DEG- Germany
2000 Jubileo 2000- Italy special price
2001 Collectors’ Pirze –Stralsund Germany
2001 Honor Prize–Sofia Triennial
2002 First Prize–Varese Milano- Italy
2002 Golden Burin–Malbork Poland
2003 Sponsors’ Prize–Sofia Ex.L. competition
2003 Special Prize-Soma Lombardo Italy
2005 Jury’s Prize- Sofia Triaennial
2006 Association Chinohanga’s prize Tokio Japan
2006 Jury Prize- Mini print –Tokio Japan
2009 Golden Burin, Museum the Castle, Malbork
2010 First prize Fu Xian Zhai, China
2011 The big golden prize “San Min Cup “Shanghai, China
2011 Master Cup at Illustration biennial Beijing
2011 Best art work at Illustration biennial Beijing
2012 Golden Panda, Beijing
2012 Honor prize, Milano, Italy
2012 Silver prize, Shanghai, Exhibition at Oriental Pearl Tower
2014 first prize, Guangzhou International Mini Print Biennial
2014 selected artist, competion Il Bosco Stregato

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