Born 1951 / Turnhout, Belgium


1963 – 1969     Secondary School of Arts and Decoration, Turnhout, Belgium

1969 – 1972     School of Arts, Printmaking, Sint Lucas, Brussels, Belgium

Specialization in various printing techniques

1972 – 1973     Higher education in pedagogy, Turnhout, Belgium


2015               Wondering Mind, Antwerp, Belgium

1974 – 2009     Lecturer, Academy of Fine Arts,  Hoogstraten, Belgium

1972 – 1975     Lecturer, Academy of Fine Arts, Turnhout, Belgium

1971                Scholarship granted by the Ministry of Flemish Culture, Thailand, Hong-Kong and Japan

She attended master classes given by: Graig Zamiëllo, Miyayama Hiroaki, Ernst Hanke, Walter Dohmen, Alfons Bytautas, Reinhard Rössler and others. Since 1972 she participated at numerous exhibitions in Belgium and abroad. In 2002 she made large several meters long linocuts in forms of flags by force of a road roller operating on the main street of Hoogstraten.

She designed and built the stage sets and the attributes of two musical comedies, in 2010 “Gelmel” and in 2014 “1814, the Forgotten Battle”. More than 400 people performed in both musical shows.

She works as a designer of flags, emblems, and clothing for parades, decors, engravings commissioned by companies, schools and municipalities.  Her favorite printmaking techniques include etching, collagraphy and lithography. With clean lines on the one hand, and combining different techniques on the other hand, she tries to express her ideas. She works as a teacher and printmaker in Hoogstraten, Belgium.


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